Waking the Dead: Deathwatch: Part 2

Waking the Dead
Deathwatch: Part 2

Tuesday, 10th September 2002

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Trevor Eve
DCI Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
Dr. Grace Foley
Holly Aird
Dr. Frankie Wharton
Claire Goose
DC Amelia 'Mel' Silver
Wil Johnson
DS Spencer Jordan
David Hemmings
Ex-DCI Malcolm Finlay
Warren Mitchell
Edgar Truelove
Ronald Pickup
William Armstrong
Graham Barker
David Ashton
Father Cameron
Howard Goorney
Harold Newman
Tony Osoba
Andrew Wallace
Cheryl Hall
Valerie Truelove
Steve Weston
Carl Murrell Jr.
Jonathan Tafler
Young Truelove
Adam Leese
Young Charles Sutton