Waking the Dead: Breaking Glass: Part 1

Waking the Dead
Breaking Glass: Part 1

Saturday, 27th September 2003

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Trevor Eve
as Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
as Dr. Grace Foley
Wil Johnson
as DS Spencer Jordan
Claire Goose
as DS Amelia 'Mel' Silver
Holly Aird
as Dr. Frankie Wharton
Romy Baskerville
as Angela
Tom Bell
as Prof Hugh Cullen
Navin Chowdhry
as Rainman
Charlie Creed-Miles
as Tanner
Philip Fox
as Reynolds
Ian Hogg
as Oliver Gill
Margot Leicester
as Eleanor Murdoch
Linda McGuire
as Jan Beesley
Michael Pennington
as Prof Alan Macintosh
Saskia Reeves
as Dr. Laurie Poole
Eamonn Riley
as Shelter Warden
Clarence Smith
as Dr. Paul Blackstone
Bronson Webb
as Teenage Tanner