World Wrestling Federation-Entertainment (WWF-WWE): In Your House 12: It's Time

World Wrestling Federation-Entertainment (WWF-WWE)
In Your House 12: It's Time

Thursday, 12th December 1996

West Palm Beach, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

WWF Title Match: Psycho Sid vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart

Armageddon Rules Match: Undertaker vs. The Executioner

Intercontinental Title Match: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley vs. Marc Mero

WWF Tag Team Title Match: British Bulldog & Owen Hart vs. New Diesel & New Razor Ramon

Flash Funk vs. Leif Cassidy

Rocky Maivia vs. Salvatore Sincere

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect

Sid Eudy
as Psycho Sid
Bret Hart
as Himself
Paul Levesque
as Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Marc Mero
as Himself
Owen Hart
as Himself
David Smith
as The British Bulldog
Glenn Jacobs
as Diesel
Mark Calaway
as Undertaker
Terry Gordy
as The Executioner
Dwayne Johnson
as Rocky Maivia
Tom Brandi
as Salvatore Sincere
Charles Scaggs
as Flash Funk
Al Snow
as Leif Cassidy
Jim Ross
as Himself (commentator)
Jerry Lawler
as Himself (commentator)
Vince McMahon
as Himself
Shawn Michaels
as Himself
Brian Adams
as Crush
Steve Austin
as Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rick Bogner
as Razor Ramon
James E. Cornette
as Himself
Howard Finkel
as Ring Announcer
Mick Foley
as Mankind
Robert Marella
as Gorilla Monsoon
Rena Mero
as Sable
William Moody
as Paul Bearer
Tony Norris
as Ahmed Johnson
Dustin Runnels
as Goldust
Michael Seitz
as Dok Hendrix
Ron Simmons
as Faarooq

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