The Phil Silvers Show
The Colonel's Second Honeymoon

Friday, 29th May 1959
 9:00 pm CBS

Friday, 29th May 1959CBS2100Phil Silvers ShowThe Colonel's Second Honeymoon

Phil Silvers
MSgt. Ernest G. 'Ernie' Bilko
Harvey Lembeck
Cpl. Rocco Barbella
Paul Ford
Colonel John T. Hall
Maurice Gosfield
Pvt. Duane Doberman
Allan Melvin
Cpl. Steve Henshaw
Nick Saunders
Capt. Barker
Virginia Martin
The Waitress
Marilyn Hanold
Bernard Fein
Pvt. Gomez
Maurice Brenner
Pvt. Irving Fleischman
Terry Carter
Pvt. Sugarman
Herbie Faye
Cpl. Sam Fender
Mickey Freeman
Pvt. Fielding Zimmerman
Jack Healy
Pvt. Mullen
Billy Sands
Private Dino Paparelli