Lost in Space
There Were Giants in the Earth

Wednesday, 6th October 1965
 7:30 pm CBS

Will is threatened by the robot...Smith grows malevolent giant peas...the castaways are attacked by a giant cyclops...taking shelter from a fierce electrical storm they chance upon a ruined city...

The cyclops suit was designed for the pilot episode, but gets re-used here. In theory Maffei occupys it in studio shots and Lundy in external and stunt shots - except I can't detect any studio shots other than the inserts of the critter grabbing for West and Robinson.

I thought this was all fantastic stuff back in the day, the chariot vehicle is superb.

Wednesday, 6th October 1965CBS1930Lost in SpaceThere Were Giants in the Earth

Guy Williams
Prof. John Robinson
June Lockhart
Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard
Maj. Don West
Marta Kristen
Judy Robinson
Bill Mumy
Will Robinson
Angela Cartwright
Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris
Dr. Zachary Smith
Lamar Lundy
The Giant Cyclops
Bob May
The Robot
Dick Tufeld
Voice: The Robot
Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei
The Giant Cyclops