Magnum, P.I.

Thursday, 4th November 1982

Ivan Dixon
Universal Pictures
Production Company

Episode Title card available only in its french language version

Tom Selleck
Magnum (1936 Dream Sequence)
Tom Selleck
Magnum (1936 Dream Sequence)
Tom Selleck
Thomas Sullivan Magnum
John Hillerman
Higgins (1936 Dream Sequence)
John Hillerman
Jonathan Quayle Higgins
Roger E. Mosley
Terry (1936 Dream Sequence)
Roger E. Mosley
Théodore 'Terry' Calvin
Larry Manetti
Rick (1936 Dream Sequence)
Larry Manetti
Orville 'Rick' Wright
Anne Lockhart
Brenda McCutchen (1936 Dream Sequence)
Anne Lockhart
Cassie McCutchen
Robin Strand
Young Drew Danforth (1936 Dream Sequence)
Irene Yah-Ling Sun
Marissa, the Singer (as Irene Yah Ling Sun)
Lee Patterson
Drew Danforth
Rosemary Murphy
Marion Danforth
Michael Hasegawa
Ito, Mrs. Danforth's chauffeur
Earl Kingston
Maitre'd (as Earll Kingston)
Harland Reed
Bette Davis
Laura Madison (from the Movie 'The Bad Sisters')
Bert Roach
Wade Trumbull (from the Movie 'The Bad Sisters')
Patrick Bishop
King Kamehameha Club Bartender
Bill Verdier
Dr. Trippett

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