The Lakes: Episode #2.10

The Lakes
Episode #2.10

Sunday, 14th March 1999

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Annabelle Apsion
as Beverly
Matt Bardock
as Albie
Elizabeth Bennett
as Mrs. Archer
Elizabeth Berrington
as Ruth
Paul Copley
as Peter Quinlan
Emma Cunniffe
as Emma Kavanagh
Charles Dale
as Chef
Nicholas Day
as Mr. Archer
Kevin Doyle
as John Fisher
Clare Holman
as Simone Fisher
Robin Laing
as Joey
Lee Oakes
as Tharmy
Robert Pugh
as Father Matthew
Mary Jo Randle
as Bernie Quinlan
Elizabeth Rider
as Sheila Thwaite
Tony Rohr
as Grandad
John Simm
as Danny Kavanagh
James Thornton
as Pete Quinlan