Minder: Days of Fines and Closures

Days of Fines and Closures

Monday, 9th January 1989

Vidcaps courtesy billy farmer

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George Cole
as Arthur Daley
Dennis Waterman
as Terry McCann
Glynn Edwards
as Dave Harris
Peter Childs
as Detective Sergeant Ronald 'Kenny' Rycott
Michael Povey
as DS 'Taff' Jones
George Baker
as Cooper
Thorley Walters
as The Magistrate
Tony Selby
as Muldoon
Del Henney
as Tombo
Michael Melia
as Fletcher
Patricia Maynard
as Lucy Harris
Johnny Shannon
as Tony Benson
John Nettleton
as William Shanks
Constantine Gregory
as Police Solicitor
Colin Prockter
as Reggie
Tim Barrett
as Auctioneer
Paul Gregory
as Rival Bidder
Mary Law
as Magistrate
Thelma Ruby
as Dave's Neighbour