Roads to Freedom: The Reprieve: Part 3

Roads to Freedom
The Reprieve: Part 3

Sunday, 29th November 1970

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Michael Bryant
as Mathieu Delarue
Daniel Massey
as Daniel
Anthony Higgins
as Boris
Dennis Cleary
as Francois
Rosemary Leach
as Marcelle
Donald Burton
as Brunet
Alison Fiske
as Ivich
Colin Baker
as Claude
Trevor Baxter
as Blythe-Hardwick
Richard Beale
as Locksmith
Christopher Benjamin
as Assistant Superintendent
James Bree
as Mastny
Georgia Brown
as Lola
John Bryans
as Daladier
Heather Canning
as Sarah
Gerald Case
as Sir Horace Wilson
Michael David
as Masaryk
Roy Denton
as Old man
Frank Duncan
as Superintendent
Michael Goodliffe
as Neville Chamberlain
Pat Gorman
as Guard
Frederick Hall
as Compositor
Anthony Jacobs
as General Lacaze
John Lawrence
as Cafe violinist
John Lawrence
as Cafe violinist
Eric Longworth
as Leger
George Roderick
as Mayor
Clifford Rose
as Jacques
Anthony Sagar
as Commercial traveller
Simon Ward
as Philippe