Love in a Cold Climate: The Merry Widower

Love in a Cold Climate
The Merry Widower

Wednesday, 19th November 1980

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Judi Dench
as Aunt Sadie
Michael Aldridge
as Uncle Matt
Lucy Gutteridge
as Linda
Vivian Pickles
as Lady Montdore
Michael Williams
as Davey Warbeck
Michael C. Williams
as Davey Warbeck
Diana Fairfax
as Emily Warbeck
John Moffatt
as Lord Merlin
Rosalyn Landor
as Polly Montdore
Richard Hurndall
as Lord Montdore
Isabelle Amyes
as Fanny
Michael Cochrane
as Cedric Hampton
Ann Queensberry
as Lady Patricia
Christopher Scoular
as Alfred
Yolande Palfrey
as Jassy
Rebecca Saire
as Victoria
John Boswall
as Clergyman