The Nation's Health: Chronic

The Nation's Health

Thursday, 20th October 1983

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Vivienne Ritchie
as Doctor Jessie Marvill
Michael Ely
as Doctor Bayliss
Ian McDiarmid
as Doctor Vernon Davis
Richard Leech
as Doctor Smith-Sampson
Julian Fox
as Doctor Montagu
Willoughby Gray
as Doctor Mathias
T.R. Bowen
as Doctor Thompson
Roy Purcell
as Doctor Sunderland
Lou Hirsch
as Doctor Bielicki
Tariq Yunus
as Doctor Kumar
James Smith
as Doctor Sainsbury
Tim Seely
as Orthopaedic Consultant
Owen Brenman
as Orthopaedic S.H.O.
Ian Lindsay
as Geriatrician
Paddy Ryan
as Patient - Henry Staples
Eileen O'Brien
as Patient - Brenda Taylor
Margo Boht
as Patient - Mrs. Downes (as Margot Boht)
Joey Kaye
as Patient - Old Mr. Long
Barry Summerford
as Patient - Young Mr. Long
Alan Thompson
as Admin - Roy Needham
Patricia Whymark
as Admin - Jenny Roberts
Anthony Benson
as Admin - George Christian
Richard Ireson
as Admin - Stephen Morwell
Geoffrey Toone
as Admin - Randolph Spence
Ron Flangan
as Cllr. Williamson (as Ron Flanagan)
Peter Badger
as Deputy Administrator
Susan Field
as Mrs. Forkes
Roger Booth
as Staff - Mortuary Technician
Steve Ismay
as Porter
Daphne Goddard
as Sister - Casualty
Nina Edwards
as Nurse - Casualty
Kim Clifford
as Student Nurse
Yasmin Pettigrew
as Sister Wylde
Harriet Keevil
as Staff - Rita Ritchie
Anna Mottram
as Therapist
Yashaw Adem
as Hassad (as Yashar Adem)
John Fowler
as Undertaker's Assistant
Joan Campion
Michael Garner
John Kerry
Ric Young