Wednesday, 1st July 1987

Rod Hardy
Grundy Television
Production Company


The famous episode in which Charlene ties the knot with Scott. The ballad "Suddenly" (performed by Angry Anderson) was specifically chosen by Kylie Minogue and went on to become a top three hit single in the UK in 1988.

This episode first aired in the UK on November 8th, 1988, some 16 months after it had aired in Australia.

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Vivean Gray
Nell Mangel
Annie Jones
Jane Harris
Ian Smith
Harold Bishop
Anne Haddy
Helen Daniels
Alan Dale
Jim Robinson
Sasha Close
Lucy Robinson
Stefan Dennis
Paul Robinson
Fiona Corke
Gail Robinson
Paul Keane
Des Clarke
Elaine Smith
Daphne Clarke
Guy Pearce
Mike Young
Anne Charleston
Madge Mitchell
Craig McLachlan
Henry Mitchell
Jason Donovan
Scott Robinson
Kylie Minogue
Charlene Mitchell
Sydney Conabere
Dan Ramsay
Jessica Noad
Edna Ramsay
Anne Scott-Pendlebury
Hilary Robinson
Howard Bell
Reverend Sampson

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