The New Avengers: Last of the Cybernauts

The New Avengers
Last of the Cybernauts

Sunday, 31st October 1976
 8:00 pm Anglia / Thames

Sidney Hayers
Sidney Hayers

Vidcaps courtesy Tim French

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Patrick Macnee
as John Steed
Gareth Hunt
as Mike Gambit
Joanna Lumley
as Purdey
Robert Lang
as Kane
Oscar Quitak
as Malov
Gwen Taylor
as Dr. Marlow
Basil Hoskins
as Prof. Mason
Robert Gillespie
as Goff
David Horovitch
as Fitzroy
Sally Bazely
as Laura
Pearl Hackney
as Mrs Weir
Martin Fisk
as 2nd guard
Eric Carte
as Terry
Ray Armstrong
as 1st guard
Rocky Taylor
as cybernaut
Davina Taylor
as Tricia

Patrick H├ębrard: Vidcaps