American Playhouse
Come Along with Me

Tuesday, 16th February 1982

Estelle Parsons
Mabel Lederer / Angela Motorman
Barbara Baxley
Mrs. Faun / Mrs. Faun's Sister
Sylvia Sidney
Mrs. Flanner
Ed Meekin
Mr. Cabot (as Edward Meekin)
Dennis Vero
Mr. Brand (as Dennis J. Vero)
Kimberly Carter
Young Mabel
Mary Seibel
Mabel's Mother
Martin Kern
Tom Faun
Brina Rodin
Lady at Garage Sale
Camilla Hawk
Lady at Garage Sale
Ann Coyle
Lady at Garage Sale
Rosemary Dean
Lady at Garage Sale
Frank Galati
Rural Ticket Agent
Frank Galati
Rural Ticket Agent
Ned Schmidtke
Man at bus stop
Dick Sollenberger
Bus Driver
Sheilah Keenan
Woman at Seance
Ted Liss
Man at Seance
R.G. Clayton
Everett F. Smith
Train Conductor
Dana Reilly
Rosalind Bleeker
Christy Michaels
Blouse Saleslady
Mary Beth Liss
Candle Saleslady
James Paccarrella
Cab Driver
Toni Fleming
Waitress at Dounut Shop
Bob Jones
Manager of Fur Department
Jack Orend
Clerk at Train Arcade
Paul Newman
Hughie (voice) (as P.L. Neuman)
Adam Hirsch
Sid (voice)
Robert Minkoff