The Professionals: A Stirring of Dust

The Professionals
A Stirring of Dust

Saturday, 25th November 1978

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect
- Series 4
13th February 2006

Gordon Jackson
as George Cowley
Martin Shaw
as Doyle
Lewis Collins
as Bodie
Robert Urquhart
as Thomas Darby
André Morell
as Brigadier Stadden
Alan MacNaughton
as Sorenson
Carol Royle
as Helen Pierce
George Murcell
as Yashinkov
Billy Boyle
as O'Leary
Robin Parkinson
as Taxi Driver
Shelagh Fraser
as Elsa
Michael Petrovitch
as Callinari
Chris Dillinger
as Russian Aide 1
Terence Mountain
as Russian Aide 2
Norman Rutherford
as Cleric