The Professionals: The Madness of Mickey Hamilton

The Professionals
The Madness of Mickey Hamilton

Saturday, 24th November 1979

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- Series 4
13th February 2006

Gordon Jackson
as George Cowley
Martin Shaw
as Doyle
Lewis Collins
as Bodie
Ian McDiarmid
as Mickey Hamilton
Marjorie Yates
as Kay Costa
Barry Stanton
as Frank
Shaun Curry
as Sergeant Bellager
Clifton Jones
as Abraham St. Jacques
David Henry
as Captain Tepper
David Calder
as Insp. Shannon
John Saunders
as Mr. Pagett-Munro
Dick Sullivan
as Priest
Maurice Thorogood
as Doctor 1
Olu Jacobs
as Sylvester
Anni Domingo
as Sister Noel
Myrtle Moss
as Nun
Benjamin Feitelson
as 1st Doctor
Rufus Collins
as Mr. Lemon
Shelagh McLeod
as Toni
Lydia Lisle
as Computer Operator
Andrew Hawkins
as Dr. Norris