Robin of Sherwood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer

Robin of Sherwood
Robin Hood and the Sorcerer

Sunday, 15th January 1984

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The Complete Collection
29th July 2008
Not Rated
18 episodes

Wayne Michaels
as Ailric of Loxley
Toby Lee
as Young Robin
Geoffrey Greenhill
as Miller
Betty Francis
as Much's Mother
Nickolas Grace
as Robert de Rainault
Michael Praed
as Robin of Loxley
Peter Llewellyn Williams
as Much
Robert Addie
as Sir Guy of Gisburne
Ray Winstone
as Will Scarlet
Paul Rainbow
as Tom the Fletcher
Mark Audley
as Dickon
Stuart Linden
as The Old Prisoner
Philip Jackson
as Abbot Hugo de Rainault
Clive Mantle
as Little John
Anthony Valentine
as Baron de Belleme
Mark Ryan
as Nasir
Judi Trott
as Lady Marion
Phil Rose
as Friar Tuck
John Abineri
as Herne the Hunter