The Debussy Film

Tuesday, 18th May 1965
 9:25 pm BBC1

Tuesday, 18th May 1965BBC12125MonitorThe Debussy Film

Oliver Reed
Claude Debussy
Vladek Sheybal
Pierre Lou├┐s / Film Director
Annette Robertson
Gaby Dupont
Izabella Telezynska
Madame Bardac (as Isa Teller)
Iza Teller
Madame Bardas (as Isa Teller)
Penny Service
Vernon Dobtcheff
The Actor
Stephanie Randall
Jane Lumb
Saint Sebastian
Verity Edmett
Zohra, the slave girl
Yvonne Antrobus
Janet Fairhead
Alison Fiske
Ian Flintoff
Elna Pearl
Yvette Rees
Keith Smith
Audrey Searle
David Brewster
Extra at funeral / war sequence (uncredited)
Fred Taylor
Kathy Fitzgibbon
Extra at funeral / war sequence (uncredited)
Peter Munt
Horse-handler (uncredited)
Victoria Russell
Chouchou (uncredited)
Frank Sussman
Extra at funeral / war sequence (uncredited)