Attack of the Alligators

Thursday, 10th March 1966
 7:00 pm Midlands

Somewhere in South America, scientists have created a miracle growth formula. Thanks to the local villain a dose manages to get to the local alligator population.

Cracking episode of the puppet adventure serial. Was a nail-biter back in 1966 and still holds up well, except I faintly worry for the welfare of the 'gators these days.

I like the housekeeper puppet somewhere between Rosalie Crutchley and Gale Sondergaard.

Thursday, 10th March 1966Midlands1900ThunderbirdsAttack of the Alligators
Saturday, 12th March 1966ITV1800ThunderbirdsAttack of the Alligators
Thursday, 24th March 1966Anglia1700ThunderbirdsAttack of the Alligators

Peter Dyneley
Jeff Tracy
Shane Rimmer
Scott Tracy
David Holliday
Virgil Tracy
Matt Zimmerman
Alan Tracy/Hector McGill
David Graham
Gordon Tracy/Brains/Culp
Ray Barrett
John Tracy/Dr. Orchard
Christine Finn
Tin-Tin Kyrano/Grandma
Sylvia Anderson
Mrs. Files
John Tate