Time Tunnel
Rendezvous with Yesterday

Friday, 9th September 1966
 8:00 pm ABC

In the first episode our intrepid time travelling heroes find themselves passengers aboard the Titanic. Unable to convince Captain Malcolm Smith of the vessel's impending doom, Tony finds himself locked below decks.

Friday, 9th September 1966ABC2000Time TunnelRendezvous with Yesterday

James Darren
Tony Newman
Robert Colbert
Doug Phillips
Michael Rennie
Capt. Malcolm Smith
Susan Hampshire
Althea Hall
Gary Merrill
Senator Leroy Clark
Lee Meriwether
Dr. Ann MacGregor
Wesley Lau
Master Sgt. Jiggs
John Zaremba
Dr. Raymond Swain
Whit Bissell
Lt. Gen. Heywood Kirk
Don Knight
Jean-Michel Michenaud
Michael Haynes
The Soldier
John Winston
The Guard
Brett Parker
Countdown Technician (George)
Dennis Hopper
Passenger (Tabor) (some scenes deleted)
Bart La Rue
Voice (voice)
Dick Tufeld