Twilight Zone
Where is Everyone?

Friday, 2nd October 1959
10:00 pm CBS

Cayuga Productions
Production Company
Production Company

The last man on Earth surveys his domain.

Perhaps not the greatest start to one of the great TV series of all time. Quirky and somewhat bleak - that sets the tone for the rest though.

Despite all the names in the cast roster, this is Earl Holliman's show.

Friday, 2nd October 1959CBS2200Twilight ZoneWhere is Everyone?

Earl Holliman
Mike Ferris
James Gregory
the General
Paul Langton
James McCallion
Reporter #1
John Conwell
Air Force Colonel
Jay Overholts
Reporter #2 (as Jay Overholt)
Carter Mullally Jr.
Air Force Captain (as Carter Mullaly)
Garry Walberg
Reporter #3 (as Gary Walberg)
Jim Johnson
Air Force Staff Sergeant
Rod Serling
Narrator (voice)