Wednesday, 2nd December 1970
 8:00 pm Midlands

Wednesday, 2nd December 1970Midlands2000UFODestruction
Saturday, 23rd October 1971ITV1700UFODestruction
Wednesday, 7th April 1976Granada1410UFODestruction
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Philip Madoc
Ship's Capt.
Peter Blythe
2nd Officer
Jimmy Winston
Michael Ferrand
Radar Technician
Robert Lloyd
Radar Officer
Ed Bishop
Cmdr. Ed Straker
Grant Taylor
Gen. James Henderson
Michael Billington
Col. Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham
Col. Virginia Lake
David Warbeck
Skydiver Captain
Jon Kelley
Skydiver Navigator
Barry Stokes
Skydiver Engineer
Edwin Richfield
Admiral Sheringham
Stephanie Beacham
Sarah Bosanquet
Dolores Mantez
Nina Barry
Steven Berkoff
Captain Steve Minto
Ayshea Brough
SHADO Operative (as Ayshea)
Alan Harris
Skydiver Engineer
Mel Oxley
Space Intruder Detector SID (voice) (uncredited)
Maureen Tann
Moonbase Operative
John Clifford
SHADO Operative
Moonbase Operative

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