Young Ones: 1. Demolition

Young Ones
1. Demolition

Tuesday, 9th November 1982
 9:00 pm BBC2

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson
Production Company

The Council decides to demolish the boys' flat, leading to a variety of responses: Vyvyan decides to demolish the house from within, Neil decides to kill himself, Rick crucifies himself in protest, and Mike sets out to seduce the Council woman.

-Dave W.

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Adrian Edmondson
as Vyvyan Basterd
(as Ade Edmondson)
Rik Mayall
as Rick
Nigel Planer
as Neil Pye
Christopher Ryan
as Mike
Alexei Sayle
as Jerzei (Jeremy) Balowski
Nine Below Zero
as Themselves
Mark Feltham
as Nine Below Zero
(Lead Vocals/Harmonica)
Dennis Greaves
as Nine Below Zero
(Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar)
Brian Bethall
as Nine Below Zero
Stix Burkey
as Nine below Zero
Pauline Melville
as Woman on Bus
as Woman on Bus
Cyril Shaps
as Neighbour
Hilary Mason
as Neighbour
Ben Elton
as Baz (Nozin' Aroun' Host)
Christine Ellerbeck
as Maggie (Nozin' Aroun' Co-Host)
Anthony Sharp
as Roland Percival
Gerard Kelly
as Interviewee
Herbert Norville
as Interviewee
Chris Ellis
as Interviewee
Maggie Steed
as Woman from the Council
Paul Bradley
as Pilot
Andy de la Tour
as Pilot

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