Carry On Laughing
And in My Lady's Chamber

Sunday, 9th November 1975
 7:25 pm ITV

Series 2, Episode 3

A butler and cook scheme up an idea to prevent their master from marrying a wealthy widow, notorious for quick marriages.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Sunday, 9th November 1975ITV1925Carry On LaughingAnd in My Lady's Chamber

Kenneth Connor
Sir Harry Bulgeon-Plunger (retired)
Barbara Windsor
Baroness Lottie Von Titsenhausen
Joan Sims
Mrs Breeches, the cook
Jack Douglas
Clodson, the butler
Bernard Bresslaw
Andrew Ray
Willie Bulgeon-Plunger (Sir Harry's Son)
Peter Butterworth
Captain Silas Crawshaw
Carol Hawkins
Lilly, the maid
Sherrie Hewson
Virginia Bulgeon-Plunger (Sir Harry's Daughter)
Vivienne Johnson