Cheers: One for the Road

One for the Road

Thursday, 20th May 1993

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Ted Danson
as Sam Malone
Kirstie Alley
as Rebecca Howe
Rhea Perlman
as Carla Tortelli-LeBec
John Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
Woody Harrelson
as Woody Boyd
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
George Wendt
as Norm Peterson
Kim Alexis
as Herself
Tom Berenger
as Don Santry
Steve Giannelli
as Steve
Mark Harelik
as Reed Manchester
Anthony Heald
as Kevin
Alan Koss
as Alan
Mitchell Lichtenstein
as Waiter
Shelley Long
as Diane Chambers
Philip Perlman
as Phil
Jackie Swanson
as Kelly Boyd
Paul Willson
as Paul Krapence
James Burrows
as Man Who Knocks