Danger Man
The Blue Veil

Sunday, 2nd October 1960
 7:30 pm ITV

Charles Frend

Drake heads to North Africa to gather evidence of a slaving ring. Along the way he helps out a stranded woman, while simultaneously using her to help accomplish his mission.

Another well-done episode, notable mainly for Naismith playing quite against type as an unctuously sinister slaver, and for the first of several appearances by Cuby as a precocious native boy. Also the first of many appearances of familiar Arabic sets, including the same desert hotel room Drake always seems to get booked in!

-Dave W.

Sunday, 2nd October 1960ITV1930Danger ManThe Blue Veil

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Laurence Naismith
Lisa Gastoni
Clare Nichols
Ferdy Mayne
The Moukta
Joseph Cuby
Peter Thornton
The Pilot
Guy Standeven
Drake's Contact
Hookah Smoker
Hotel Man

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