Danger Man
A Man to Be Trusted

Tuesday, 15th December 1964

Drake investigates the murder of two British agents in a banana republic. Unfortunately, his local contact is not necessarily the most trustworthy guide.

Slow moving, but decent episode, with a nicely droll performance from Carlos. The voodoo stuff looks like it was derived from pulp novels and not the actual religion, and thus sort of narmy.

Saturday, 9th January 1965ITV1925Danger ManA Man to Be Trusted

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Harvey Ashby
Teniente Mora
Patricia Donahue
Lorna Corlander
Ralph Michael
Eunice Gayson
Louise Bancroft
Wanda Ventham
Stella Dorset
Christopher Carlos
Papa Camille
Alvaro Fontana
Customs Officer
Harry Baird
Nick Zaran
(as Tracy Connell)
Boscoe Holder
(as The Boscoe Holder Dancers)
Louis Matto
Man in Airport Lounge
Bob Raymond
Man in Airport Lounge
Victor Harrington
La Calavera Patron
Paul Beradi
La Calavera Patron
Tony Mendleson
La Calavera Patron

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