No Hiding Place
The Widower

Friday, 10th March 1961
 9:35 pm ITV

Michael Westmore

Police seek a black widower before he strikes again.

Nick-of-time finale and a not-so-subtle anti-smoking message - what more do you want?

Lurking complete on youtube.

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Raymond Francis
Chief Det. Supt. Tom Lockhart
Eric Lander
Det. Sgt. Harry Baxter
Griffith Jones
Henry Potter / Sleigh-Jones / Fraser-Smith
Myrtle Reed
Stella Stevens
Georgina Cookson
Edith Sudbury
Gwen Nelson
Mrs. Nugget
Arthur Hewlett
Dr. McAlister
Ewan Roberts
Dr. Meadows
Leslie Weston
Michael Corcoran
House painter
Rowena Gregory
Woman Detective Sally Jordan
Edith Savile
Woman at auction
Carol Mauray