Doctor Who: Sentence of Death

Doctor Who
Sentence of Death

Saturday, 9th May 1964
 5:15 pm BBC1

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect

6th September 2005
Not Rated
- City of Death
8th November 2005

- The Beginning
30th January 2006

William Hartnell
as Dr. Who
William Russell
as Ian Chesterton
Jacqueline Hill
as Barbara Wright
Carole Ann Ford
as Susan Foreman
Robin Phillips
as Altos
Katherine Schofield
as Sabetha
Henley Thomas
as Tarron
Michael Allaby
as Larn
Alan James
as First Judge
Peter Stenson
as Second Judge
Fiona Walker
as Kala
Martin Cort
as Aydan
Donald Pickering
as Eyesen
Dougie Dean
as Eprin