Doctor Who: The Moonbase

Doctor Who
The Moonbase

Saturday, 4th March 1967
 5:50 pm BBC1

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6th September 2005
Not Rated
- City of Death
8th November 2005

- The Beginning
30th January 2006

Patrick Troughton
as Dr. Who
Patrick Barr
as Hobson
Frazer Hines
as Jamie
André Maranne
as Benoit
Michael Wolf
as Nils
Anneke Wills
as Polly
Michael Craze
as Ben
Alan Rowe
as Dr. Evans
John Rolfe
as Sam Becket
Barry Ashton
as Scientist
Derek Calder
as Scientist
Victor Pemberton
as Scientist
Robin Scott
as Scientist
Alan Wells
as Scientist
Peter Greene
as Cyberman
Keith Goodman
as Cyberman
Reg Whitehead
as Cyberman
Sonnie Willis
as Cyberman
Peter Hawkins
as Cybermen Voices