Doctor Who
The Space Pirates: Episode 5

Saturday, 5th April 1969
 5:15 pm BBC1

Saturday, 5th April 1969BBC11715Doctor WhoThe Space Pirates: Episode 5
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Patrick Troughton
Dr. Who
Lisa Daniely
Madeleine Issigri
Gordon Gostelow
Milo Clancey
Frazer Hines
Jamie McCrimmon
Wendy Padbury
Zoe Heriot
Nick Zaran
Lieutenant Joe Sorba
Dudley Foster
Maurice Caven
Steve Peters
Pirate Guard
Jack May
General Nicolai Hermack
Donald Gee
Major Ian Warne
George Layton
Technician Penn
Esmond Knight
Dom Issigri
Derek Chafer
James Haswell
Neville Simons
Space Corps Technician
Valerie Stanton
Issigri Secretary