Doctor Who
The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 7

Saturday, 2nd May 1970
 5:15 pm BBC1

Saturday, 2nd May 1970BBC11715Doctor WhoThe Ambassadors of Death: Episode 7
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Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who
Caroline John
Liz Shaw
Nicholas Courtney
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
John Abineri
General Carrington
William Dysart
Ronald Allen
Prof. Ralph Cornish
Michael Wisher
John Wakefield
Joanna Ross
Control Room Assistant
Ric Felgate
Charles Van Lyden
Steve Peters
Neville Simons
Geoffrey Beevers
Private Johnson
John Levene
Sergeant Benton
Peter Noel Cook
Alien Space Captain
Peter Halliday
Alien (voice)
Terry Walsh
UNIT soldier
Derek Ware
UNIT soldier