Doctor Who: The Time Monster: Part 3

Doctor Who
The Time Monster: Part 3

Saturday, 3rd June 1972
 5:50 pm BBC1

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect

6th September 2005
Not Rated
- City of Death
8th November 2005

- The Beginning
30th January 2006

Jon Pertwee
as Dr. Who
Roger Delgado
as Master
Katy Manning
as Jo Grant
Nicholas Courtney
as Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
Richard Franklin
as Captain Mike Yates
John Levene
as Sergeant Benton
Wanda Moore
as Dr. Ruth Ingram
Ian Collier
as Stuart Hyde
John Wyse
as Dr. Percival
Simon Legree
as UNIT Sergeant
Donald Eccles
as Krasis
Marc Boyle
as Kronos
George Cormack
as Dalios
Aidan Murphy
as Hippias
Greg Powell
as Knight
Dave Carter
as Roundhead Officer
Eric Kent
as Roundhead Soldier