Doctor Who: The Time Warrior: Part 1

Doctor Who
The Time Warrior: Part 1

Saturday, 15th December 1973
 5:10 pm BBC1

Alan Bromly

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect

6th September 2005
Not Rated
- City of Death
8th November 2005

- The Beginning
30th January 2006

Jon Pertwee
as Doctor Who
Elisabeth Sladen
as Sarah Jane Smith
Nicholas Courtney
as Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
Kevin Lindsay
as Linx
Donald Pelmear
as Prof. Robeish
David Daker
as Irongron
John J. Carney
as Bloodaxe
June Brown
as Lady Eleanor
Alan Rowe
as Edward of Wessex
Jeremy Bulloch
as Hal
Sheila Fay
as Meg
Gordon Pitt
as Eric
Ian Elliot
as UNIT Soldier
Steve Ismay
as UNIT Soldier
Frank Seton
as Scientist
Jacqueline Stanbury
as Mary