Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis: Part Three

Doctor Who
Silver Nemesis: Part Three

Wednesday, 7th December 1988
 7:35 pm BBC1

CountryArtworkTitleReleaseFormatRatingRuntime (Mins)Aspect

6th September 2005
Not Rated
- City of Death
8th November 2005

- The Beginning
30th January 2006

Sylvester McCoy
as The Doctor
Sophie Aldred
as Ace
Anton Diffring
as De Flores
Fiona Walker
as Lady Peinforte
Dolores Gray
as Mrs. Remington
Gerard Murphy
as Richard Maynarde
Metin Yenal
as Karl
David Banks
as Cyber Leader
Mark Hardy
as Cyber Lieutenant
Brian Orrell
as Cyberman
Bill Malin
as Cyberman
Danny Boyd
as Cyberman
Paul Barrass
as Cyberman
Scott Mitchell
as Cyberman
Tony Carlton
as Cyberman
Ricardo Mulhall
as hitchhiker
Karen Young
as 1638 young woman

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