SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Alice Loses Out
Alice Picks the Champ1925
Alice's Orphan1926
Alice's Wonderland1923USA43
Alice's Day at Sea03/01/1924
Alice's Spooky Adventure04/01/1924
Alice's Wild West Show05/01/192422
Alice's Fishy Story06/01/1924
Alice and the Dog Catcher07/07/1924
Alice the Peacemaker08/01/1924
Alice Gets in Dutch10/01/192453
Alice Hunting in Africa11/01/1924
Alice and the Three Bears12/01/1924
Alice the Piper12/15/1924
Alice Cans the Cannibals01/01/1925
Alice the Toreador01/15/1925
Alice Gets Stung02/01/1925
Alice Solves the Puzzle02/15/1925
Alice's Egg Plant05/17/1925
Alice Stage Struck06/23/1925
Alice Wins the Derby07/12/1925
Alice the Jail Bird09/15/1925
Alice's Tin Pony09/20/192533
Alice Chops the Suey09/28/1925
Alice Plays Cupid10/15/1925
Alice Rattled by Rats11/15/1925
Alice in the Jungle12/15/1925
Alice on the Farm01/01/1926
Alice's Balloon Race01/15/1926
Alice's Little Parade02/01/1926
Alice's Mysterious Mystery02/15/1926
Alice Charms the Fish09/06/1926
Alice's Monkey Business09/20/1926
Alice in the Wooly West10/04/1926
Alice the Firefighter10/18/1926
Alice Cuts the Ice11/01/1926
Alice Helps the Romance11/15/1926
Alice's Spanish Guitar11/29/1926
Alice's Brown Derby12/13/1926
Alice the Lumberjack12/27/1926
Alice the Golf Bug01/10/1927
Alice Foils the Pirates01/24/1927
Alice at the Carnival02/10/1927
Alice's Rodeo02/21/1927
Alice the Collegiate03/07/1927
Alice in the Alps03/21/1927
Alice's Auto Race04/04/1927
Alice's Circus Daze04/18/1927
Alice's Knaughty Knight05/02/1927
Alice's Three Bad Eggs05/16/1927
Alice's Picnic05/30/1927
Alice's Channel Swim06/13/1927
Alice in the Klondike06/27/1927
Alice's Medicine Show07/11/1927
Alice the Whaler07/25/192711
Alice the Beach Nut08/08/1927
Alice in the Big League08/22/1927