Our Man at St. Marks

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Facts of Life09/25/19637
A Joyful Noise10/02/1963
Holier Than Thou10/09/1963
Side by Side10/16/1963 9:15 pmITVUK
A Previous Conviction10/23/19636
Know of any Reason11/06/1963 9:15 pmITVUK1
The Man Who Came to Lunch11/13/1963 9:10 pmITVUK2
The Executive11/27/1963 9:10 pmITVUK2
Quite Nice in Amsterdam04/16/1964
The Desk04/23/1964
Brother Midnight04/30/1964
The Runaway05/07/1964
Gillian's Day05/14/1964
No Bank for Sid05/21/1964
A Question of Tactics05/28/1964
Too Good to Be True06/04/1964
Rainbow's End06/11/1964
We Do It on Saturday06/18/1964
Smoke Without Fire06/25/1964
Harry the Yo-Yo07/09/1964 7:30 pmITVUK
The Pleasure of Your Company07/29/1964
A Funny Thing Happened to Amanda04/26/1965 9:10 pmITVUK7
The Invader05/03/1965
Four Hundred Years' Thick05/17/1965
Storm in a Cocoa Cup05/31/19658
A Question of Degree06/14/1965
Pay Now, Live Later06/21/1965 9:10 pmITVUK
Objection Sustained05/31/1965 9:10 pmITVUK6
Edie's Ace07/05/1965
The Galloping Major07/12/1965
Know Thine Enemy07/19/1965
The Yo-Yo Again07/26/1965
Steps to the Cathedral08/02/1965
The Fall of the House of Lawther07/04/1966
Love All07/11/1966
The Peppermint Man07/18/1966
The Silent Village07/25/196610:33 pmITVUK
The Talking Machine08/01/1966
Night Call08/08/1966
Holy Yo-Yo08/15/1966
Are You There?08/22/1966
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die08/29/1966
Ships That Pass09/05/1966
My Uncle Oswald09/12/1966
When Will They Ever Learn?09/19/1966
Christmas Special: There Are More Things...12/28/1966