Torchy, the Battery Boy

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Pom-Pom and the Toys02/23/1960 4:45 pmITVUK44
1Topsy Turvy Land03/01/1960
1Torchy and Squish03/08/1960
1The Building of Frutown03/15/1960
1Torchy and the Broken Racket03/22/1960
1King Dithers03/29/1960
1Torchy Goes Back to Earth04/05/1960
1Bossy Boots Goes to Topsy Turvy Land04/12/1960
1Bossy Boots is Taught a Lesson04/19/1960
1A Bell for the Penny Farthing04/26/1960
1A Trick on Pom-Pom05/03/1960
1Torchy is Stolen05/10/1960
1King Dithers Loses His Crown05/17/1960 4:45 pmITVUK
1Pilliwig Gets a Present05/24/1960
1Bad Boy Bogey05/31/1960
1Torchy and the Strange Animal06/07/1960
1Bossy Boots Forgets to be Good06/14/1960
1The Hungry Money Box06/21/1960 4:45 pmITVUK
1The Naughty Twins06/28/1960
1The Twins Learn a Lesson07/05/1960 4:45 pmITVUK
1King Dithers Goes Down to Earth07/12/1960
1Torchy is Saved at Last07/19/1960
1Torchy and the Man in the Moon07/26/1960
1Bogey and the Statues08/02/1960
1The Moon Falls Asleep08/09/1960
1Torchy's Birthday08/16/1960
2Torchy Gets a Surprise08/23/1960
2Banana Bridge08/30/1960
2King Dithers and Daffy09/06/1960
2The Toys Get The Collywobbles09/13/1960
2Bogey Learns Another Lesson09/20/1960
2The Pollikan Bird Is Stolen09/27/1960
2Torchy Has An Accident10/04/1960
2Sparky The Dragon10/11/1960
2Bogey Is Naughty Again10/18/1960
2Pilliwig Cleans The Chimney10/25/1960
2Pongo The Pirate11/01/1960
2King Dithers' Birthday11/08/1960
2Flopsy Goes On A Picnic11/15/1960 4:45 pmITVUK
2Washing Day In Topsy Turvey Land11/22/1960
2The Gluebell Wood11/29/1960
2Squish Falls Down A Well12/06/1960
2Flopsy In Trouble12/13/1960
2Flopsy Makes A Christmas Pudding12/20/1960
2King Bumble-Drop12/27/1960
2A New Suit For Pilliwig01/03/1961 4:45 pmITVUK
2The Big Storm01/10/1961
2Daffy's Birthday01/17/1961
2Gillygolly In Trouble01/24/1961
2Pom-Pom Gets The Hiccups01/31/1961
2Pongo And The Gold Mine02/07/1961
2The Obstinate Donkey02/14/1961