Adventures of Black Beauty

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Fugitive09/17/1972UK9
The Hostage10/01/1972 5:35 pmMidlandsUK77
The Pit Pony10/07/1972 5:10 pmITVUK9
The Horse Thieves10/14/1972 5:10 pmITVUK9
Runaway10/21/1972 5:10 pmITVUK7
Warhorse10/28/1972 5:10 pmITVUK9
The Horsemen11/04/1972 5:10 pmITVUK101
The Duel11/11/1972 5:10 pmITVUK7
The Viking Helmet: Part 111/18/1972 5:10 pmITVUK7
The Viking Helmet: Part 211/25/1972 5:10 pmLWTUK8
Day of Reckoning12/02/1972UK6
Three Locks to Fortune12/16/1972UK8
Clown on Horseback12/23/1972UK7
The Recruiting Sergeant12/30/1972 5:10 pmITVUK7
The Debt01/20/1973UK10
The Horse Healer01/27/1973 5:10 pmITVUK6
The Witch02/03/1973 5:15 pmITVUK4
The Ponies02/10/1973 5:15 pmITVUK4
The Ruffians02/17/1973 5:15 pmITVUK7
Two of a Kind02/24/1973 5:15 pmITVUK9
Foul Play03/03/1973 5:15 pmITVUK7
Sailor on a Horse03/10/1973 5:15 pmITVUK6
Wild Justice03/17/1973 5:15 pmITVUK11
The Barge03/24/1973 5:15 pmITVUK7
Father and Son03/31/1973 5:15 pmITVUK5
A Member of the Family: Part 109/23/1973 4:50 pmITVUK7
A Member of the Family: Part 209/30/1973 4:50 pmITVUK8
The Outcast10/07/1973 4:50 pmITVUK8
Good Neighbours10/14/1973UK8
Mission of Mercy10/21/1973UK4
Battle of Wills10/28/1973UK7
The Medicine Man11/04/1973UK7
Out of the Night11/11/1973UK5
The Challenge11/25/1973UK7
Pocket Money12/02/1973UK4
The Quarry12/09/1973UK8
The Secret of Fear12/16/1973UK5
Lost Godess12/30/1973UK5
Where's Jonah?01/06/1974UK7
The Horse Breaker01/20/1974UK8
A Long Hard Run01/27/1974UK7
Goodbye Beauty02/03/1974UK9
The Escape02/10/1974UK7
A Ribbon for Beauty02/17/1974UK7
The Last Charge03/03/1974UK8
Game of Chance03/10/1974UK8
The Last Roundup03/27/1974UK6