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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1See No Evil09/27/1972 7:00 pmSouthern/Yorkshire/AngliaUK1411
12000ft to Die09/29/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1211
1Brother Hood10/06/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1110
1Disappearing Trick10/20/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1211
1Ceremony for the Dead10/27/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK108
1It Was All Over in Leipzig11/03/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK109
1The Quick Brown Fox11/10/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1210
1King Con11/17/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1511
1Thinkback11/24/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1311
1The Numbers Game11/24/1972 7:00 pmITVUK2019
1A Kind of Wild Justice12/01/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1413
1Balance of Terror12/08/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1312
1Triple Cross12/15/1972 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1110
1For the Rest of Your Natural...01/05/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK108
1The Bodyguards01/12/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK119
1A Matter of Life and Death01/19/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1413
1The Big Hit01/26/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2120
1One and One Makes One02/02/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1817
1Talkdown02/09/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1817
1Vocal02/16/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2019
1... With a Little Help from My Friends02/23/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK3332
1Chase03/02/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1817
1Your Witness03/09/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2423
1It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island03/16/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2019
1The First Circle03/23/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1514
1A Case for the Right03/30/1973 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2019
2Quin09/21/1973ATV MidlandsUK1110
2Bagman09/28/1973 1:00 pmITV4UK2120
2Fighting Fund10/05/1973 6:05 amITV4UK2523
2The Last Frontier10/19/1973ATV MidlandsUK1918
2Baubles, Bangles and Beads10/19/1973ATV MidlandsUK1817
2Petard10/26/1973 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1514
2Goodbye George11/02/1973 2:15 amITV4UK1211
2Wam: Part 111/09/1973ATV MidlandsUK2217
2Wam: Part 211/16/1973ATV MidlandsUK2219
2Implicado11/23/1973ATV MidlandsUK1412
2Dragon Chase11/30/1973ATV MidlandsUK2726
2Decoy12/07/1973ATV MidlandsUK2018
2Border Line12/14/1973ATV MidlandsUK1817
2Zeke's Blues12/21/1973ATV MidlandsUK2120
2Lena12/28/1973 1:35 amITV4UK2524
2The Bridge01/04/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2019
2Sugar and Spice01/11/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1211
2Burning Bush01/18/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK76
2The Tiger and the Goat01/25/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1615
2Route 2702/01/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2019
2Trial02/08/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1413
2Shadbolt02/15/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK97
2A Pocketful of Posies02/22/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2221
2Wheels03/01/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1312
2The Insider03/08/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1917
2Blockbuster03/15/1974 7:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1413