Fair Exchange

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Exchange09/21/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA2
1Unfair Exchange09/28/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA2
1Is There a Doctor in the House?10/05/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Neville's Problem10/12/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA3
1To Each His Own10/19/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA5
1A Little Success10/26/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA2
1No More Transatlantic Calls11/02/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Lieutenant's Paradise11/09/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Nothing Ventured11/16/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Dorothy's Trip to Europe11/23/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1A Young Man's Fancy11/30/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Yankee Doodle Dandy12/07/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Honor Thy Foster Father12/14/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1'Twas the Fortnight Before Christmas12/21/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Innocents Abroad12/28/1962 9:30 pmCBSUSA
2My Son, The Lawyer03/28/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2Episode04/04/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2How You Gonna Get 'Em Back from the Farm?04/11/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2You Don't Have to Polish a Subway04/18/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2A Woman's Place 04/25/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Jinx05/02/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2My Fair Scott05/09/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA
2Weddings are for Parents05/16/1963 7:30 pmCBSUSA