Sharp Intake of Breath

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Your Life in Their Hands02/20/1978 2:35 amGOLDUK
1Happy Motoring02/27/1978 7:35 amGOLDUK5
1Somewhere in the Sun03/06/1978 7:40 amGOLDUK
1See You in Court03/13/1978 7:25 amGOLDUK
1The Gasman Cometh03/20/1978 7:30 amGOLDUK
1Seven Year Hitch03/27/1978UK
2Your Move02/19/1979 8:00 pmITVUK
2Your Very Good Health02/26/1979 7:50 amGOLDUK
2Where There's a Will03/05/1979 7:30 amGOLDUK
2Another Little Drink03/12/1979 7:55 amGOLDUK
2The Square on the Hypotenuse03/19/1979 7:50 amGOLDUK
2What About the Workers?03/26/1979UK
3The Spare Part01/04/1980 8:30 amGOLDUK
3Just Cause or Impediment01/11/1980 8:05 amGOLDUK
3Look Who's Coming for Ever01/18/1980 7:10 amGOLDUK
4Match of the Day01/18/1981 8:40 amGOLDUK
4The Train Now Standing01/25/1981UK
4While the Cat's Away02/01/1981UK
4The Weekend02/08/1981UK
4Rear Window02/15/1981UK