Shake It Up

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Start It Up11/07/2010
1Meatball It Up11/14/2010
1Give It Up11/21/2010
1Add It Up11/28/2010
1Kick It Up12/05/2010
1Age It Up12/09/2010
1Party It Up12/12/2010
1Hook It Up12/19/2010
1Wild It Up01/09/2011
1Match It Up01/23/201113
1Glitz It Up01/30/2011
1Show It Up02/20/2011
1Heat It Up02/27/2011
1Hot Mess It Up03/20/2011
1Reunion It Up04/10/2011
1Sweat It Up05/01/2011
1Vatalihootsit It Up06/12/2011
1Model It Up06/17/2011
1Twist It Up07/10/2011
1Break It Up07/24/2011
1Throw It Up08/21/2011
2Shrink It Up09/18/2011
2Three's a Crowd It Up09/25/2011
2Shake It Up, Up & Away10/02/2011
2Beam It Up10/09/2011
2Doctor It Up10/23/2011
2Review It Up11/06/2011
2Double Pegasus It Up11/13/2011
2Auction It Up11/20/2011
2Camp It Up11/27/2011
2Jingle It Up12/11/2011
2Apply It Up01/08/2012
2Split It Up01/22/2012
2Copy Kat It Up02/19/2012
2Egg It Up02/26/2012
2Judge It Up03/11/2012
2Parent Trap It Up03/25/2012
2Weird It Up04/01/2012
2Whodunit Up?04/15/2012
2Tunnel It Up05/13/2012
2Protest It Up05/20/2012
2Wrestle It Up06/03/2012
2Reality Check It Up06/10/2012
2Rock and Roll It Up07/01/2012
2Boot It Up07/15/2012
2Slumber It Up07/29/2012
2Surprise It Up08/05/2012
2Embarrass It Up08/12/2012
2Made in Japan08/17/2012
3Fire It Up10/14/2012
3Funk It Up10/28/2012
3Spirit It Up11/04/2012
3Lock It Up11/11/2012
3Merry Merry It Up12/02/2012
3Home Alone It Up12/09/2012
3Oh Brother It Up01/13/2013
3Quit It Up01/27/2013
3Ty It Up02/17/2013
3My Fair Librarian It Up02/24/2013
3Clean It Up03/10/2013
3I Do It Up03/17/2013
3Forward and Back It Up03/24/2013
3Switch It Up04/07/2013
3Love and War It Up04/28/2013
3In the Bag It Up05/12/2013
3Brain It Up06/02/2013
3Opposites Attract It Up06/23/2013
3Psych It Up07/14/2013
3Future It Up07/28/2013
3Oui Oui It Up08/04/2013
3My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up08/25/2013
3Stress It Up09/15/2013
3Loyal It Up09/29/2013
3Haunt It Up10/06/2013