Mr. Terrific

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Mr. Big Curtsies Out01/16/196711
1I Can't Fly01/23/196719
1My Partner the Jewel Thief01/30/196714
1The Formula Is Stolen02/06/196711
1Stanley the Safecracker02/20/196712
1Stanley the Fighter02/27/196716
1Stanley the Jailbreaker03/06/196711
1Fly, Ballerina, Fly03/13/196715
1Harley and the Killer03/20/19679
1Stanley and the Mountaineers03/27/196714
1Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out?04/03/196713
1Stanley Goes to the Dentist04/10/196710
1Stanley the Track Star04/17/1967 8:00 pmCBSUSA14
1Try This on for Spies04/24/196711
1Stanley Joins the Circus05/01/196712
1The Sultan Has Five Wives05/08/196714