SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Vikings in North America06/18/1966
1Nimrud: The Story of a Dig07/16/1966
1Stonehenge: Prehistoric Computer?/The First European08/13/1966
1Royal Ship/Royal Palace/Royal Grave09/10/1966
1The Invasion That Never Was.../... And the Last Invasion10/08/1966
1London's Burning11/05/1966
1The Treasure of Priam12/03/1966
1The Holy Sailors/The Roman Goose March12/31/1966 8:15 pmBBC2UK
1The Finds of the Year02/11/1967
1The Other Conquest/The City That Vanished03/11/1967
1Diagnosis: A.D. 70/Iron Age Autopsy04/08/1967
1The Lost Leonardos/The Gate of Hell05/13/1967
1Arthur: The Peerless King06/10/1967
1The Claws of the Griffin/Dragons' Bones07/08/1967
1Collision Course/Shall the Waters Prevail?08/05/1967
No Ordinary Monk05/24/1969 9:10 pmBBC2UK2