Armchair Thriller

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Rachel in DangerITVUK
The Girl Who Walked QuicklyITVUK
The Limbo ConnectionITVUK
Will You Come a Little Closer04/22/1967ITVUK
England, My England04/29/196710:30 pmITVUK2
In the Name of the Law05/06/196710:30 pmITVUK13
Depart in Terror05/13/196710:30 pmITVUK2
The Snares of Death05/20/196710:30 pmITVUK2
1Rachel in Danger: Part 102/21/1978ITVUK
1Rachel in Danger: Part 202/23/1978ITVUK
1Rachel in Danger: Part 302/28/1978ITVUK
1Rachel in Danger: Part 403/02/1978ITVUK
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 103/07/1978ITVUK
A Dog's Ransom03/07/1978 8:30 pmITVUK2
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 203/09/1978ITVUK
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 303/14/1978ITVUK
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 403/16/1978ITVUK
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 503/21/1978ITVUK
1A Dog's Ransom: Part 603/23/1978ITVUK
1The Girl Who Walked Quickly: Part 103/28/1978ITVUK
1The Girl Who Walked Quickly: Part 203/30/1978ITVUK
1The Girl Who Walked Quickly: Part 304/04/1978ITVUK
1The Girl Who Walked Quickly: Part 404/06/1978ITVUK11
Quiet as a Nun Part 1: The Tower04/11/1978ITVUK15
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 2: The Chapel04/13/1978ITVUK13
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 3: The Black Nun04/18/1978ITVUK12
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 4: Witness and Wills04/20/1978ITVUK
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 5: Powers of Darkness04/25/1978ITVUK
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 6: Death and Decision04/27/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 105/02/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 205/04/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 305/09/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 405/11/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 505/16/1978ITVUK
1The Limbo Connection: Part 605/18/1978ITVUK
The Victim01/08/1980ITVUK191
2The Victim: Part 101/08/1980ITVUK
2The Victim: Part 201/10/1980ITVUK
2The Victim: Part 301/15/1980ITVUK
2The Victim: Part 401/17/1980ITVUK
2The Victim: Part 501/22/1980ITVUK
2The Victim: Part 601/24/1980ITVUK
2Dead Man's Kit: Part 101/29/1980 8:00 pmITVUK1
Dead Man's Kit: Part 202/05/1980 8:00 pmITVUK3
2Dead Man's Kit: Part 302/05/1980ITVUK
2Dead Man's Kit: Part 402/07/1980ITVUK
Dying Day02/12/1980ITVUK
2Dying Day: Part 2: Mr. Skipling Finds a Friend02/14/1980ITVUK
2Dying Day: Part 3: Mr. Skipling Fights Back02/19/1980ITVUK
2Dying Day: Part 4: Mr. Skipling's Day of Reckoning02/21/1980ITVUK
Fear of God: Part 102/26/1980ITVUK
2Fear of God: Part 1: A Question of Gravity02/26/1980ITVUK
Fear of God: Part 202/28/1980ITVUK
2Fear of God: Part 2: The Noise02/28/1980ITVUK
Fear of God: Part 303/04/1980ITVUK
2Fear of God: Part 3: The Music Room03/04/1980ITVUK
Fear of God: Part 403/06/1980ITVUK
2Fear of God: Part 4: Bang!03/06/1980ITVUK
High Tide03/11/1980ITVUK
2High Tide: Part 103/11/1980ITVUK
2High Tide: Part 203/13/1980ITVUK
2High Tide: Part 303/18/1980ITVUK
2High Tide: Part 403/20/1980ITVUK
2The Circe Complex: Part 103/25/1980 8:00 pmITVUK9
2The Circe Complex: Part 203/27/1980ITVUK
2The Circe Complex: Part 304/01/1980ITVUK
2The Circe Complex: Part 404/03/1980ITVUK
2The Circe Complex: Part 504/08/1980ITVUK
2The Circe Complex: Part 604/10/1980ITVUK
2Dying Day: Part 1: Mr. Skipling is Sentenced to Death10/19/1982ITVUK
1Quiet as a Nun: Part 1: The Tower12/21/1982ITVUK