Watership Down

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Promised Land09/28/1999 4:05 pmITVUK99
Home on the Down10/05/1999 4:05 pmITVUK10
1The Easy Life10/12/199912
1Strawberry Fayre10/19/199911
1The Shadow of Efrafa10/26/199913
1The Raid11/02/19999
Challenge to Efrafa11/09/199913
1Escape from Efrafa11/16/199914
1The Vision11/23/199912
1A Tale of a Mouse11/30/19999
1Friend and Enemy12/14/199914
Prisoner of Efrafa08/03/2000
2The Roundabout08/10/20001813
2The Market08/17/20002
2The Great Water08/24/20001
2The Stand08/31/20003
2The Orchard09/07/20003
2The Great Game09/14/20001
2Christmas on Watership Down: Part 109/21/20001
2Christmas on Watership Down: Part 209/28/20002
2The Mysterious Visitors10/05/20001
2The Invasion10/12/20002
2Bigwig's Way10/19/2000
2The Homecoming10/26/20001
3Campion Lives09/11/2001
3Woundwort Never Gives Up09/18/2001
3The Wanderer09/25/2001
3The Challenge10/02/2001
3Woundwort in the Trap10/09/2001
3Kehaar's Departure10/16/2001
3Redstone Falls10/23/20011
3An Unfair Due11/06/20011
3The Spy11/13/20011
3Campion's Betrayal11/20/20011
3Hannah's Big Achievement11/27/2001
3The Last Battle12/04/20011