BBC Plays

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Button Man76UK3
Daft As A Brush75UK3
Old Times75UK3
The Whip Hand75UK
Tale Of Timothy Bagshott75UK
Four Way Incident66UK4
A Kind Of Marriage76UK
Apply, Apply, No Reply76UK
Home Sweet India76UK
Riding South76UK2
Sweeping Plains76UK
The Madness76UK5
The Secret Agent75UK8
Three Men In A Boat75UK24
A Martyr To The System76UK3
Accident Of Class And Sex76UK2
Arnhem: The Story Of76UK3
Play Things76UK2
Practical Experience76UK2
The Chauffeur76UK
The Squad76UK
The Philanthropist75UK4
Widowing Of Mrs76UK2
Double Echo76UK2
The Daedalus Equation76UK
Spice Island Farewell76UK
Where Adam Stood76UK
Emigrants: A Dream76UK
Emigrants: Chances76UK
Emigrants: Endeavour76UK
Emigrants: 13000 Miles76UK
Double Bill77UK1
Private Lives76UK3
A Hymn From Jim77UK1
Give Us A Kiss,christabel77UK1
Pit Strike77UK4
The Obelisk77UK2
There's No Place77UK
Talkin' Blues77UK
The Achurch Letters77UK
The Emperor's New Hat77UK
A Little Outing77UK1
Brensham: Going,going,gon76UK2
Brensham: Master Of76UK2
Brensham: William Hart76UK1
Sinking Of Hms Victoria77UK5
Visit From Miss Protheroe78UK1
Eleanor Marx: Eleanor77UK2
Eleanor Marx: Tussy77UK2
Hunchback Of Notre Dame76UK6
Abide With Me76UK6
The Love Of A Good Woman76UK2
The Man With The Power76UK
Terence Rattigan - A Trib77UK
Beaux Strategem78UK3
Danton's Death78UK2
The Sea78UK2
The Seagull78UK5
You Never Can Tell77UK6
The Three Hostages77UK3
Crest Of A Wave78UK2
Freedom Of The Dig78UK3
Hanging Around78UK
Walk With Destiny74UK9
One Of These Nights78UK2
Something's Wrong78UK2
Law And Order Pt78UK
Law And Order Pt78UK
Law And Order Pt78UK
Law And Order Pt78UK
E & H: The Sixth Heaven77UK3
E & H:shrimp & Anemone77UK3
Eustace And Hilda77UK4
Land Of The Living78UK
Real Live Audience78UK2
The Big 'h'78UK
For Tea On Sunday78UK4
The Copyist78UK2
When The Actors Come78UK4
The Kitchen77UK5
Able's Will77UK1
Foreign Affairs78UK
Forgotten Love Songs78UK1
True Patriot77UK
Shooting The Chandelier77UK2
Romeo And Juliet78UK3
Professional Foul77UK1
Thank You Comrades78UK4
The Voysey Inheritance79UK5
Hello And Goodbye79UK
The Dybbuk80UK1
The Wings Of A Dove79UK5
Henry Intervening79UK2
Story Without A Hero79UK1
Of Mycena And Men79UK5
Oresteia: Grave Gifts79UK2
Oresteia: The Furies79UK2
Deasey (desperate)79UK
A Light That Shines79UK1
Return Fare78UK2
Stepping Out79UK1
Renoir, My Father78UK1
Langrishe Go Down78UK5
Gentle Folk80UK1
In Hiding80UK1
Night People78UK
The Brylcreem Boys79UK
Henry VIII79UK4
Julius Caesar79UK6
Measure For Measure79UK3
Romeo And Juliet78UK5
Over There79UK1
The Archer's Tale79UK1
Another Day78UK
On Giant's Shoulders79UK
Cries From A Watchtower79UK1
The Ghost Sonata80UK2
The Misanthrope80UK4
The Rear Column80UK4
School Play79UK4
Tis Pity She's A Whore80UK5
Braces High80UK
Rabbit Pie Day80UK2
Some Of My Best Friends80UK
Juno And The Paycock80UK2
Red Roses For Me80UK
A Last Visitor For81UK1
Journal Of Bridget Hitler81UK3
Shaping Up80UK
The Best Of Friends80UK3
Hallelujah Mary Plum80UK
Home Movies79UK2
The Happy Autumn Fields80UK
Follow The Star79UK
Speed King79UK2
Henry V79UK
Sweet Wine Of Youth79UK2
The Tempest80UK7
Twelfth Night80UK4
Man Who Almost Knew81UK
Moon June80UK
The Lad Himself79UK7
Jail Diary Of Albie Sachs81UK5
The Black Madonna80UK
Man Of Destiny81UK4
The Crucible81UK5
On Approval Ob80UK3
Tales From 1001 Nights81UK5
The Cherry Orchard81UK5
The Caretaker81UK3
Keeping In Touch82UK2
Pocketful Of Dreams82UK2
Random Moments81UK2
The Pigman's Protege82UK3
The Queen Of Annagh82UK2
A Silly Little Habit82UK1
Fatal Spring80UK
Virginia Fly Is Drowning81UK5
Last Summer's Child81UK1
Standing In For Henry80UK4
The Grudge Fight81UK
Elizabeth Alone 181UK6
Elizabeth Alone 281UK6
Elizabeth Alone 381UK3
Another Day, Another67UK2
You're All Right,how Am I81UK2
The Hothouse82UK2
Alls Well That Ends Well81UK6
The Merchant Of Venice80UK6
The Taming Of The Shrew80UK2
Timon Of Athens81UK6
Days In The Trees67UK2
One Hundred And Eighty81UK
Findings On A Late A'noon81UK3
Autumn Sunshine81UK2
Kindness Of Mrs81UK1
Man Who Married82UK4
My Dear Palestrina80UK
I Have Been Here Before82UK4
La Ronde82UK6
The Critic82UK8
Dismissal Leading To67UK1
Present Laughter81UK4
Bright Eyes82UK2
Everyone's Rich Except Us67UK3
Easter 201682UK1
Fraulein Else83UK1
Out Of Step82UK2
The Guest82UK3
The Sidmouth Letters82UK3
Kippers And Curtains67UK
Beyond The Glass82UK5
Frost In May82UK5
The Lost Traveller82UK4
The Sugar House82UK6
A Song At Twilight82UK3
By George82UK2
Come Into The Garden Maud82UK
Milk And Honey83UK1
Passing Through82UK3
Monsieur Barnett68UK2
The Combination82UK2
How Many Miles To Babylon82UK3
Our Winnie82UK3
Say Something Happened82UK1
Henry V1 Pt83UK8
Henry Vi Pt83UK8
Troilus And Cressida81UK4
Dancing Country81UK1
Person To Person67UK3
God Speed Co-Operation82UK
Mrs. Reinhardt81UK3
The Last Visitor82UK2
Henry Vi Pt83UK6
Ballroom Of Romance82UK
Public Inquiry67UK
Bazaar And Rummage83UK3
Conversation W83UK
The FatherUK
The Devil A Monk Would Be67UK2
The White Guard82UK5
Dangerous Corner83UK2
Waters Of The Moon83UK5
Being Normal83UK2
Barretts Of Wimpole St82UK4
Across The Water83UK1
The Head Waiter66UK1
The Deadly Game82UK5
Good Behaviour Pt83UK5
Good Behaviour Pt83UK4
Good Behaviour Pt83UK6
Joyce In June82UK2
A Small Desperation83UK
A Woman Of No Importance82UK1
Rolling Home82UK4
Testament Of John84UK4
The Captain's Doll83UK2
The Spider's Web82UK2
Perfect Shadows83UK1
The Hope And The Glory84UK1
The Playground67UK4
Tale Of Beatrix Potter83UK6
The Farmers' Arms83UK
To The Lighthouse83UK6
The Private Tutor66UK2
Merry Wives Of Windsor82UK7
Tragedy Of Richard Iii83UK4
Kisch Kisch83UK1
Imaginary Friends Ob83UK
Reith Part 183UK5
Reith Part 283UK5
Talk To Me84UK1
The Gay Lord Quex83UK4
The Punters84UK
One Of Ourselves83UK1
Video Stars83UK3
A Class Of His Own84UK3
Just Another Blues Song84UK4
Long Live The Babe84UK
Man Of Letters84UK2
Nobody's Property84UK2
Waving To A Train84UK3
Events In A Museum83UK2
Goodbye Days84UK
The Blue Dress83UK4
Case Of Frightened Lady83UK3
Talent For Murder83UK2
A Soiree At Bossom's66UK3
A Woman Calling84UK2
After You've Gone84UK1
Fire At Magilligan84UK
Benefit Of The Doubt84UK1
Keep On Running84UK
Out Of Order84UK1
Still Life84UK1
The Mourning Thief84UK4
The World Walk84UK3
Weather In The Streets84UK1
Comedy Of Errors83UK5
Two Gentlemen Of Verona84UK5
Bird Fancier85UK5
Cock, Hen And Courting66UK3
Greville Wynn Pt85UK3
Greville Wynn Pt85UK3
Greville Wynn Pt85UK2
Terra Nova (remount)84UK4
Month In The Country Rmt85UK6
Silas Marner(remount) /UK
Time And The Conways85UK5
The Big 'h' Remount84UK
Queen Of Hearts84UK
We'll Support You Evermor84UK
More Lives Than One84UK1
Playboy Of The West Indie84UK
The Holy Experiment85UK3
Absurd Person Sing85UK6
Four Days In July85UK1
The Executioner66UK4
Stars Of The Roller State Disco84UK1
Bluff Cove - Wales84UK
Honest Decent And True86UK
Ms Rhymney Valley85UK
Toddler On The Run66UK4
Long Term Memory85UK4
Radio Pictures85UK
Still Small Shout85UK5
The Dumb Waiter85UK
Hay Fever84UK6
Broken Homes Remount85UK
Duet For One85UK
Time Trouble85UK
Glamour Night85UK7
Maybe Baby85UK
Picture Friend85UK
Oscar Wilde Pt85UK4
In The Secret State85UK8
Loves Labours Lost85UK4
Much Ado About Nothing84UK
Silas Marner85UK
Past Caring86UK
The Browning Version85UK
Residue /UK
The Good Dr86UK1
Good As Gold86UK
Born In The Gardens86UK2
Love Match86UK
Smart Money86UK
The Queens Arms86UK3
Honest,decent And True86UK
The Russian Soldier86UK1
Absent Friends85UK2
Time After Time86UK7
Song Of Experience86UK1
The Silent Twins86UK
Edge Of The Wind85UK
Thunder Rock 285UK
Frankie And Johnnie86UK2
One For The Road85UK
The Mcguffin86UK7
Mozart Inquest86UK5
Insurance Man86UK2
Lady Windermere's Fan85UK
Oedipus The King86UK5
Hotel Du Lac86UK7
Paying Guest Pt186UK4
Double Image86UK2
Hard Travelling86UK4
Roach Motel87UK
Shift Work86UK2
Oedipus At Colonus86UK5
Marlowe Inquest86UK2
The Best Years86UK
Drums Along Balmoral86UK
Staircase /UK
Blood,sweat And Tears86UK1
Brick Is Beautiful86UK
The Birthday Party87UK
Daylight Robbery86UK
Residue /UK
Paying Guest Pt286UK
Death Is Part Of The/pt286UK1
Death Is Part Of The/pt286UK1
Shoot For The Sun87UK
Coast To Coast87UK
Way Upstream 10 /UK
Claws 11 /UK
Blat 13 /UK
Harry's Kingdom /UK
Our Geoff 3 /UK
Studio/film 1 B'ham /UK
Dreams Secrets And B/lies /UK
Film Ncf 16 /UK
The Middleaged Man 4b /UK
Doris 4c /UK
The Extra 4d /UK
On The Palm87UK
Children Of Dynmouth87UK
Seasons Greetings 1786UK
After Pilkington Nbs 3387UK
Make And Break 1887UK
East Of Ipswich 40 Man87UK
Blunt 5087UK
Day After The Fair 886UK
Northanger Abbey 3587UK
The Fools On The Hill 3086UK
Will You Love Me Tomorrow87UK
The Rivals 2087UK
Visitors 4187UK
What The Butler Saw 2187UK
Inappropriate Behaviour3787UK
Left Over People 2787UK
The Importance Of B/ear2287UK
Hedgehog Wedding87UK3
The Valley Boys 47 Ncf87UK
Dead Lucky 187UK
The Devil's Disciple 1987UK
The Border 42 Nbs87UK
Miss Julie 2487UK
Land 2987UK
The Master Builder 2387UK
Lily My Love 3287UK
Speaking To The City86UK
Clive Jermain86UK
The Permissive Society75UK3
Knock For Knock76UK
The Consul66UK1
Black Christmas1977UK
Message For Posterity1997UK9
The Friends66UK2
The Judge66UK2
The Murderer66UK5
The Schoolmaster66UK3
The Son66UK3
The Survivors66UK1
The Suspect66UK2
The Widower66UK1
Edmund Gurney And The67UK3
The Conquest66UK4
The Family Reunion66UK5
The Lost Years Of Brian67UK5
The Melody Suit66UK
A Separate Peace66UK3
A Type Of Concern66UK
Home And Away66UK1
Impossible Odds66UK2
Landscape With Figures66UK2
The Price Of Time66UK
Taffy Came To My House67UK1
Billy Budd66UK
Crabbe's Practice67UK6
Lot 24967UK3
Playing With Fire67UK5
The Beetle Hunter67UK2
The Black Doctor67UK4
The Brown Hand67UK5
The Chemistry Of Love67UK4
The Lift67UK4
The Mystery Of Cader Ifan67UK2
The New Catacomb67UK2
The Willow House School67UK3
Frankenstein Mark II66UK3
Lambda I66UK3
Level Seven66UK3
Satisfaction Guaranteed66UK3
Second Childhood66UK3
The Eye66UK3
The Fastest Draw66UK
The Fastest Draw66UK2
The Machine Stops66UK2
The Prophet67UK3
Too Many Cooks66UK3
Tunnel Under The World66UK4
Walk's End66UK
An Officer Of The Court67UK4
The Big Flame69UK2
The Golden Vision68UK2
A Way With The Ladies67UK1
Message For Posterity67UK2
Rebel In The Grave68UK2
Jamie, On A Flying Visit68UK3
Light Blue68UK2
Profile Of A Gentleman67UK2
The Fat Of The Land67UK3
The Count Of Luxenbourg67UK
The Visitation71UK
Trouble In Tahiti68UK
House Of Character68UK2
Mooney And His Caravans68UK3
The Man Behind You68UK2
Wanted, Single Gentleman67UK4
A High Pitched Buzz67UK2
Goodnight Pelican67UK2
Matters Of Honour67UK2
The Young Visitors67UK3
There Was I Waiting67UK3
Lieutenant Tenant67UK2
Murphy's Law68UK3
Party Games68UK4
The Cupboard67UK3
The Frontier68UK
The Life Class68UK2
The Swallow's Nest68UK3
Tickle Times67UK3
Amahl And The Night67UK
Lily Christine68UK4
The Corpse Can't Play68UK
The Kiss Of Blood68UK2
The Triumph Of Death68UK2
William And Mary68UK3
Anyone For Tennis?68UK5
Bam! Pow! Zap!69UK
Close The Coalhouse Door69UK4
Hello, Good Evening68UK2
Smoke Screen69UK3
The Apprentices69UK
There Is Also Tomorrow69UK1
All Out For Kangaroo69UK1
Blodwen, Home From69UK3
Infidelity Took Place68UK2
It Wasn't Me69UK2
Sad Decline Of Arthur69UK2
Sling Your Hook69UK3
The Exiles69UK
The Mark-Two Wife69UK2
Curtain Fall68UK1
Easy On The Clutch68UK3
Once In Every Lifetime69UK1
One, Two, Sky's Blue69UK2
Purposes Of Love68UK1
The Colour Of Evening68UK2
The Enchanted Shore68UK1
The Miracle Summer68UK3
Up At The Villa68UK4
Where Have All The Ghosts68UK3
Beach Head69UK
Immortality Inc69UK2
Random Quest69UK4
Something In The Cellar69UK3
Target Generation69UK1
The Last Lonely Man69UK3
The Naked Sun69UK4
The Yellow Pill69UK2
The Back Of Beyond69UK4
The Fall Of Edward69UK1
The Letter69UK3
Cross Examine68UK5
La Vida Breve68UK
The Merry Widow69UK
The Rose Affair68UK
Black Exchange68UK4
The Assassin68UK
The Lonely Road68UK2
The Outstation68UK2
The Princess68UK3
The Youngest Comrade68UK
Winner Takes All68UK1
A Voyage Around My Father69UK3
Beyond The Sunrise69UK3
Scenes From Family Life69UK3
The Three Princes68UK5
This Happy Breed69UK3
When We Dead Awaken70UK2
Season Of The Witch70UK2
Double Bill69UK2
Mad Jack70UK3
Rest In Peace Uncle Fred70UK2
The Cellar & The Almond69UK4
Chariot Of Fire70UK3
Hunting Of Lionel Crane70UK2
Sovereign's Company70UK1
Before The Party69UK4
Footprints In The Jungle70UK3
Lord Mountdrago69UK4
Mother Love69UK2
The Alien Corn70UK5
The Closed Shop70UK4
The Creative Impulse69UK1
The Door Of Opportunity70UK2
The Force Of Circumstance70UK3
The Human Element70UK3
The Three Fat Women Of69UK4
The Vessel Of Wrath70UK3
Charlotte Bronte70UK1
E.E. Cummings70UK1
Lord Byron70UK1
Mary Kingsley70UK1
Van Gogh70UK1
Wilfred Owen70UK
A King And His Keeper70UK3
Edward II70UK5
I Measured The Skies70UK1
Tragedy Of King Richard 270UK5
Men Of Iron69UK4
Through The Night75UK1
Woman Of The Place71UK
The Man In My Head71UK
The Shattered Eye71UK2
This Body Is Mine71UK3
To Lay A Ghost71UK2
Welcome Home71UK4
Dear Departed71UK2
Down In The Forest71UK2
Sitting Pretty71UK2
State Opening71UK2
The Castaways72UK2
Waiting At The Church71UK2
Flotsam And Jetsam70UK3
Alexander Fleming70UK1
Put Out More Flags70UK3
The Gentle Invasion71UK2
The Grievance72UK1
The Poet Game72UK6
The Price Of Love70UK1
Sons And Daughters Of71UK1
The Chopper71UK1
The Last Witness71UK
The Snow Goose71UK2
Walk Into The Dark72UK
Wodehouse Night72UK1
Arturo Ui72UK2
The Return Flight72UK1
Peer Gynt72UK5
The Duchess Of Malfi72UK4
Go For Gold73UK10
Thinking Man As Hero Pt73UK5
Thinking Man As Hero Pt73UK5
Total Eclipse73UK
Gambitt's Move75UK
An Affinity With Dr. Still79UK3
A Shilling Life82UK2
Heartattack Hotel83UK7
Dick Whittington12/26/193211:00 amBBCUK7
Love from a Stranger11/23/1938 3:00 pmBBCUK9
Spreading the News04/30/1939 9:05 pmBBCUK
A Phoenix Too Frequent06/16/1946 8:50 pmBBCUK3
The Corn is Green09/15/1946 8:30 pmBBCUK17
Five Ways to Paradise10/30/1946 9:15 pmBBCUK9
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse08/03/1947 8:30 pmBBCUK11
Gaslight02/13/1948 3:00 pmBBCUK1
The Dumb Wife of Cheapside02/23/1948 9:15 pmBBCUK
The Long Mirror07/25/1948 8:30 pmBBCUK5
The Rossiters09/03/1948 7:45 pmBBCUK
The Time Machine01/24/1949 8:30 pmBBCUK6
The Time Machine02/21/1949 9:15 pmBBCUK6
Cecil Landau's Sauce Tartare09/04/1949 8:45 pmBBCUK19
Antigone10/18/1949 8:30 pmBBCUK
When We are Married12/25/1951 9:00 pmBBCUK15
The Passionate Pilgrim05/31/1953 8:40 pmBBCUK39
A Party for Christmas12/25/1954 9:30 pmBBCUK10
The Hole in the Wall09/22/1955 8:30 pmBBCUK16
A Woman Alone01/05/1956 9:00 pmBBCUK1
Pitfall09/27/1956 8:30 pmBBCUK2
Yesterday's Enemy10/14/1958 9:00 pmBBCUK6
David and Broccoli01/26/1960 9:15 pmBBCUK9
Larry02/12/196010:10 pmBBCUK
Soldier, Soldier02/16/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK1
Lazarus02/22/196010:15 pmBBCUK1
A Chance to Live02/23/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK1
The Return of Peggy Atherton02/27/1960 8:40 pmBBCUK8
Home and the Heart03/12/1960 8:40 pmBBCUK
Night on the Highway03/15/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK3
Parasol03/20/1960 9:35 pmBBCUK4
A Matter of Age03/26/1960 8:40 pmBBCUK
The Boy Who Carried a Torch04/08/1960 8:00 pmBBCUK2
The True Mistery of the Passion04/14/1960 9:45 pmBBCUK1
Who Killed Menna Lorraine?04/21/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK3
Meeting with Johnny04/22/1960 8:00 pmBBCUK1
The Country Boy04/23/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK
The Guinea Pig06/04/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK
Upgreen-and At 'Em06/06/1960 8:00 pmBBCUK9
Late Harvest06/16/1960 8:45 pmBBCUK
The Richest Man in the World07/14/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK12
The Professor's Love Story07/30/1960 7:20 pmBBCUK1
Adventures of Alice12/23/1960 6:20 pmBBCUK6
The Watching Cat04/03/1961 8:50 pmBBCUK3
The Dobson Fund05/25/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK1
The Alchemist05/29/1961 9:20 pmBBCUK3
Solitaire06/19/1961 8:45 pmBBCUK5
Out of the Rain07/27/1961 8:25 pmBBCUK2
She Died Young07/31/1961 9:05 pmBBCUK2
A Song of Sixpence09/22/1961 8:30 pmBBCUK3
Nightfall at Kriekville09/25/1961 9:00 pmBBCUK15
Debt to a Spy09/27/1961 7:55 pmBBCUK7
Afternoon in a River Walk09/28/1961 9:10 pmBBCUK6
St. Patrick's Day - The Scheming Lieutenant10/10/1961 2:05 pmBBCUK11
The Jelly End Strike10/13/1961 9:25 pmBBCUK23
The Hunted10/16/1961 9:25 pmBBCUK6
A Wedding10/17/1961 2:05 pmBBCUK17
The Complaisant Lover10/20/1961 9:25 pmBBCUK9
The Secret Thread01/05/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK1
Under Western Eyes01/12/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK18
Reunion Day01/19/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK11
A Matter of Conscience05/25/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK2
The Playmates07/16/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK21
The Brockenstein Affair09/27/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK3
Nil Carborundum10/26/1962 9:25 pmBBCUK3
Heart to Heart12/06/1962 8:25 pmBBCUK8
Anna Christie01/04/1963 9:25 pmBBCUK9
The Stag03/01/1963 9:25 pmBBCUK1
The Englishman Abroad08/05/1963 9:10 pmBBC1UK3
Yes, But Seriously10/16/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK2
The Physicists12/21/1963 8:50 pmBBCUK4
The Language of Love02/13/1964 9:25 pmBBCUK6
The Caucasian Chalk Circle10/06/1964 2:05 pmBBC1UK26
Parade's End: Some Do Not12/06/1964UK
Parade's End: No More Parades12/13/1964UK
Parade's End: A Man Could Stand Up12/20/1964UK
The Minister01/03/1965UK
Poor Bitos02/07/1965UK
Try for White04/18/1965UK
Rookery Nook06/05/1965UK3
The House08/04/1965UK5
Deirdre08/05/1965 9:15 pmBBC2UK9
The Lift08/11/1965UK
The Babysitter08/18/1965UK5
The Travelling Companion08/25/1965UK4
The Imposter09/01/1965UK4
The Regulator09/08/1965UK2
The Initiate09/19/1965UK3
Where I Live09/23/1965UK3
Hold My Hand, Soldier09/30/1965UK3
Stranger In The Family10/18/1965UK3
The Dead Past10/25/1965UK4
Time In Advance11/01/1965UK1
Come Buttercup, Come11/08/1965UK3
Sucker Bait11/15/1965UK
The Fox And The Forest11/22/1965UK3
Andover And The Android11/29/1965UK3
Some Lapse Of Time12/06/1965UK1
The Midas Plague12/20/1965UK3
A Piece Of Resistance12/26/1965UK4
Women Aren't Angels12/27/1965UK2
Take a Sapphire01/04/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK4
La Boheme01/16/1966UK
A Walk in the Sea03/09/1966UK3
Barlow of the Car Park03/23/1966UK1
The Snowball04/20/1966UK3
Final Demand04/24/1966UK
The Retreat05/11/1966UK3
Way Off Beat06/08/1966UK6
Eh Joe!07/04/1966UK2
Troilus and Cressida09/25/1966UK
Little Master Mind12/14/1966UK4
The Order01/18/1967UK16
The Lump02/01/1967UK1
Much Ado About Nothing02/04/1967 8:25 pmBBC1UK273
In Two Minds03/01/1967UK7
Eugene Onegin03/06/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK
Drums Along The Avon05/24/1967UK1
A Flea In Her Ear06/07/1967UK13
Flight Of The Kingfisher08/25/1967UK9
Zigger Zagger09/27/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK22
The Highland Jaunt05/25/1968 8:35 pmBBC2UK3
Mrs Lawrence Will Look After It08/21/1968UK16
Post Mortem09/17/1968UK4
Nothing Will Be The Same11/06/1968UK3
On The Eve Of Publication11/27/1968UK3
Luther12/21/1968 8:15 pmBBC2UK13
Canterbury Tales 611/27/1969UK4
Canterbury Tales 712/04/1969UK2
Morning Story01/04/197010:00 pmBBC2UK20
Vile Bodies12/09/1970 9:10 pmBBC2UK28
Whom God Hath Joined12/25/1970 7:45 pmBBC2UK4
Lord Leverhulme01/16/1971UK6
Battle At Tematangi02/03/1971UK2
The Last Enemy02/10/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK3
Cold Comfort Farm12/06/1971UK7
Cider With Rosie12/25/1971 9:05 pmBBC2UK43
To Encourage The Others03/28/1972 9:20 pmBBC2UK24
The Sextet: The Gregorian Chant06/13/1972UK6
Shelley07/05/1972 9:20 pmBBC2UK12
A Day Out12/24/197210:00 pmBBC2UK25
The Stone Tape12/25/1972 9:25 pmBBC2UK1514
The Moon Shines Bright on Charlie Chaplin02/13/1973 9:25 pmBBC2UK9
Then and Now: The Lotus09/06/197310:15 pmBBC2UK1
Then and Now: Equal Terms09/13/197310:15 pmBBC2UK2
Then and Now: Outside The Machine09/20/197310:15 pmBBC2UK2
Then and Now: Over09/24/197310:20 pmBBC2UK1
Shadow Of A Gunman09/25/1973 9:00 pmBBC2UK5
Then and Now: Tigers Are Better Looking10/01/197310:20 pmBBC2UK5
Then and Now: In Memoriam10/08/197310:15 pmBBC2UK2
Alice Through The Looking Glass12/25/1973 9:15 pmBBC2UK20
The Lady From The Sea03/05/1974 9:25 pmBBC2UK3
Twelfth Night05/14/1974 9:25 pmBBC2UK7
Steven06/04/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK25
The Enemy Within06/11/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK11
The President's Last Tape06/29/197410:25 pmBBC1UK10
Dr. Watson and the Darkwater Hall Mystery12/27/1974 9:15 pmBBC1UK11
Man In The Zoo03/12/1975 9:00 pmBBC2UK20
Eleventh Hour 105/31/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 206/07/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 3: Mayflower's Voyage06/14/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 406/21/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 506/28/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 607/05/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Diane07/09/1975 9:00 pmBBC2UK4
Eleventh Hour 707/12/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 8: The Boundary07/19/197511:15 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 907/26/197511:05 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour 1008/02/197511:10 pmBBC1UK
Days Of Hope 1: 191609/11/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK19
Days Of Hope 2: 192109/18/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
Days Of Hope 3: 192409/25/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK12
Days Of Hope 4: 193610/02/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK28
Under Western Eyes10/08/1975 9:30 pmBBC2UK17
Forget-Me-Not-Lane11/05/1975 9:30 pmBBC2UK10
Where Adam Stood04/21/1976 9:25 pmBBC2UK6
Orde Wingate: If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem07/16/1976 9:25 pmBBC2UK14
Orde Wingate: For the Sword of the Lord and of Gideon 07/23/1976 9:05 pmBBC2UK16
Orde Wingate: Turn You to the Strong Hold07/30/1976 9:30 pmBBC2UK18
A Divorce: Laurence08/06/1976 9:55 pmBBC2UK8
A Divorce: Linda08/13/197610:15 pmBBC2UK12
A Divorce: Gemma08/20/197610:15 pmBBC2UK18
East Lynne12/21/197610:10 pmBBC1UK12
The Game01/03/1977 9:00 pmBBC2UK9
She Fell Among Thieves03/01/1978UK7
Tarry Dan, Tarry Dan, Scarey Old Spooky Man05/01/197811:25 pmBBC1UK6
Fearless Frank10/04/1978 9:25 pmBBC2UK18
The Lost Boys: We Set Out to Be Wrecked10/11/1978 9:25 pmBBC2UK12
The Lost Boys: Dark and Sinister Man10/18/1978 9:25 pmBBC2UK12
The Lost Boys: An Awfully Big Adventure10/25/1978 9:35 pmBBC2UK13
Oresteia: Agamemnon03/07/1979 9:35 pmBBC2UK2
Matilda: The Tennis Court04/18/1979 9:40 pmBBC2UK4
Matilda: The Summer House04/25/1979 9:40 pmBBC2UK3
Matilda: The Drawing Room05/02/1979 9:30 pmBBC2UK5
Suez 195611/25/1979UK76
Feelifax04/28/1980 9:25 pmBBC2UK2
An Ordered Life08/10/1980UK2
7Caught On A Train10/31/1980UK1716
John Keats: Part 106/17/1981 9:00 pmBBC2UK2
Baal03/02/1982 9:25 pmBBC1UK221
Phonefun Limited07/06/198210:15 pmBBC1UK3
Little Eyolf07/19/1982 9:25 pmBBC1UK4
Russian Night 194110/23/1982 8:20 pmBBC2UK14
Busted01/28/1983 9:30 pmBBC2UK111
File On Jill Hatch Part One04/29/1983UK3
File On Jill Hatch Part Three04/30/1983UK4
File On Jill Hatch Part Two05/01/1983UK3
The Forgotten Voyage11/20/1983UK15
An Englishman Abroad11/29/1983 9:25 pmBBC1UK25
Last Evensong01/08/1985 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
Vicious Circle04/28/1985UK4
Pythons On The Mountains07/30/1985UK4
A Night Of The Campaign08/04/1985 9:05 pmBBC1UK14
The Moon Over Soho08/18/1985 9:20 pmBBC1UK7
Happy Valley09/06/1987UK16
Raspberry Ripple04/01/1988UK4
Low Level Panic08/31/1994 9:25 pmBBC2UK5