Dalziel and Pascoe

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Clubbable Woman03/16/1996 8:05 pmBBC1UK23
1An Advancement of Learning03/23/1996 8:05 pmBBC1UK22
1An Autumn Shroud03/30/1996 8:05 pmBBC1UK26
2Ruling Passion06/14/1997 8:05 pmBBC1UK31
2A Killing Kindness06/21/1997 8:05 pmBBC1UK36
2Deadheads06/28/1997 8:05 pmBBC1UK19
2Exit Lines07/12/1997 8:05 pmBBC1UK30
3Under World03/21/1998 9:00 pmBBC1UK14
3Child's Play03/28/1998 9:00 pmBBC1UK20
3Bones and Silence10/18/1998 9:00 pmBBC1UK25
3The Wood Beyond10/25/1998UK
On Bulah Height06/12/1999UK
Recalled to Life06/19/1999UK21
4Time to Go06/26/1999UK
The British Grenadier07/03/1999UK224
5A Sweeter Lazarus07/01/2000UK
5Cunning Old Fox07/08/2000UK
5Foreign Bodies07/15/2000UK
5Above the Law07/22/2000UK
4On Beulah Height11/04/2000
6Walls of Silence10/29/2001UK215
6Home Truths11/05/2001 8:30 pmBBC1UK
6Secrets of the Dead11/12/2001UK
6Truth and Consequences11/19/2001UK
Sins of the Fathers08/30/2002UK
7The Unwanted09/30/2002UK
7Mens Sana10/07/2002UK15
7For Love Nor Money10/21/2002UK20
7Dialogues of the Dead: Part 112/21/2002UK
7Dialogues of the Dead: Part 212/22/2002UK
8A Game of Soldiers01/03/2004UK
8The Price of Fame01/10/2004UK
8Great Escapes01/17/2004UK
8Soft Touch01/24/2004UK21
9Heads You Lose: Part 101/30/2005UK
9Heads You Lose: Part 201/31/2005UK
9Dead Meat: Part 102/06/2005UK
9Dead Meat: Part 202/07/2005UK
9The Dig: Part 102/13/2005UK13
9The Dig: Part 202/14/2005UK
9Dust Thou Art: Part 102/20/2005UK
9Dust Thou Art: Part 202/21/2005UK
10Houdini's Ghost: Part 103/06/2006UK
10Houdini's Ghost: Part 203/07/2006UK
10Glory Days: Part 103/13/2006UK
10Glory Days: Part 203/14/2006UK
10Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Part 103/27/2006UK
10Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Part 203/28/2006UK
10Guardian Angel: Part 104/03/2006UK
10Guardian Angel: Part 204/04/2006UK
10A Death in the Family: Part 104/10/2006UK
10A Death in the Family: Part 204/11/2006UK
11The Cave Woman: Part 109/03/2006UK27
11The Cave Woman: Part 209/04/2006UK27
11Fallen Angel: Part 109/10/2006UK
11Fallen Angel: Part 209/11/2006UK
12Demons on Our Shoulders: Part 105/06/2007UK
12Demons on Our Shoulders: Part 205/13/2007UK
12Project Aphrodite: Part 106/14/2007UK
12Project Aphrodite: Part 206/15/2007UK
12Under Dark Stars: Part 106/21/2007UK10
12Under Dark Stars: Part 206/22/2007UK