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Guy Mitchell

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Feet Up14 Nov 1952
She Wears Red Feathers13 Feb 1953
Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie24 Apr 1953
Look At That Girl28 Aug 1953
Chicka Boom06 Nov 1953
Cloud Lucky Seven18 Dec 1953
The Cuff Of My Shirt19 Feb 1954
Sippin' Soda26 Feb 1954
A Dime And A Dollar30 Apr 1954
Singing The Blues07 Dec 1956
Knee Deep In The Blues15 Feb 1957
Rock-A-Billy26 Apr 1957
Sweet Stuff26 Jul 1957
In The Middle Of A Dark, Dark Night26 Jul 1957
Call Rosie On the Phone11 Oct 1957
Heartaches By The Number27 Nov 1959

US SinglesFirst Charted
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania15 Mar 1952
Day of Jubilo21 Jun 1952
Feet Up (Pat Him On The Po-Po)23 Aug 1952
She Wears Red Feathers31 Jan 1953
Ninety Nine Years (Dead Or Alive)21 Jan 1956
Singing The Blues27 Oct 1956
Crazy With Love10 Nov 1956
Knee Deep In The Blues09 Jan 1957
Take Me Back Baby23 Jan 1957
Rock-A-Billy27 Mar 1957
Sweet Stuff12 Jun 1957
Heartaches By The Number05 Oct 1959
The Same Old Me29 Feb 1960
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You11 Jul 1960